Tuesday, April 29, 2008

BBW Online Sale!

Tax return burning a hole in your pocket? Blow it on new closet delights from the Built By Wendy Spring collection! Act fast, the code is only valid April 29th and 30th.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Pretty Talk #1: Blush

Aside from spending all my money on clothes, I also like to blow my hard earned cash on pretty pots of lotions and potions for my face. Cosmetics could be considered much more of a gamble than clothing because who is really going to take the time to return a $15 tube of mascara (assuming that you can return it once opened)? Since I've already wasted all my money on the many misses cluttering my drawers I thought I'd clue my beloved Cat Party readers in on some of the best beauty products I've tested. This week I'll focus on the one item in my make-up kit that can transform a sickly, sallow and sometimes hungover complexion into a radiant breath of spring, all with a simple sweep of magical pink powder!

Benefit's Dandelion Blush is probably the easiest to apply if you're a make-up novice, the color is very sheer so one needn't worry about overdoing it.

Tarte Cheek Stain is one of my favorites, especially in the Spring and Summer when foundation and powder are not an option. It glides on the skin and creates a light dewy flush; an added bonus being it's also pretty hard to screw up. My favorite color is Tipsy but I also like Doll Face...plus the scent is reminiscent of My Little Ponies!

Nars Creme Blush is not the best choice for beginners, especially in my favorite color Cactus Flower. It's a very intense coral with subtle gold flecks that is best applied with the slightest dab of the ring finger. Go overboard and you'll end up with clown-face. Apply it in just the right fashion and it is perfect!

Let me know what your favorite blushes/blushers/rouges are, I'd love to give them a try!

This Sh*t Is Bananas!

I really tried to resist posting about Gwen Stefani's new Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection but those bottles are so freakishly cute that I just cant help myself! I can't even imagine how obsessed with them I would have been in my junior high years when Hard Candy nail polish and Milk Fed t-shirts were the ultimate status symbols. But now I face the dilemma of choosing which adorable harajuku girl to take home with me. I naturally gravitate towards "G", as we bear the strongest physical resemblance. But I also love "Music"'s bad-ass androgynous appeal. Plus she's a dead-ringer for my friend Laura. Or I can just collect all five! F**k yeah!


via the always informative Nitrolicious