Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oops I Did it Again: Carefree vs. Karen Walker

Lately I've been spending a lot of time watching whatever my beloved Roku will bestow upon me, yesterday it was Carefree starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire while catching up on some Spring cleaning. Obviously, Karen Walker really liked the dress Amanda (Ginger) wears when she's being psychoanalyzed:

Karen Walker Fall 2007:

I was totally crazy in love with this dress from the moment I laid eyes on it...actually I have to say this is my favorite Karen Walker collection to date. Not sure who to give credit to, the costume designers for Carefree are Howard Greer and Edward Stevenson. I'm leaning towards Stevenson for the heart dress is particular because I'm pretty sure Greer primarily did gowns. Please enlighten me if you know for sure! So which dress do you prefer? I like the simplicity of the lightening bolt placement in the KW dress but I'm a total sucker for hearts and arrows.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

People We Love: Laura Laine

How brill are these Laura Laine illustrations in the current issue of Muse? So clever, so cute!

Via Laura Laine's website

Monday, March 23, 2009

Crushin' Hard on Rachel Comey Shoes

I'm having a difficult time dealing with how cute all the Rachel Comey Spring '09 shoes are...tassels, fringe, clogs, buckles, wooden heels and crochet??? My head is about to explode! Check it out:

Robert Crochet Clog $345

Bergen Tassel Clog $345

Sing Sing Wedge $325

Belmont Sandal $295

All these shoes are crazy cute and have me dreaming of lounging in a hammock sipping a Pimm's Cup. On a side note, apparently Ms. Comey is now making jewelry! Chelsea and I have discussed at great length how awesome her (as of the moment imaginary) handbag line would be so Rachel Comey if you're out there please hear our prayers and make some bags!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

People We Love: Sara Moon

I have been buying a lot of art on eBay lately, the pièce de résistance being this giant oil painting of a Jean Shrimpton-esq girl and a lhasa apso. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and then today I googled Sarah Moon (the photographer) and came across the work of Sara Moon (the illustrator) whose work appeared on greeting cards, calenders, and posters that one would find in cheesy poster shops during the seventies and eighties. As it turns out, the painting that I bought is a copy of one of Moon's pieces. To make matters even more bizarre, I discovered that Sara Moon isn't actually a real person, it's an alias for this dude named Bijan Djamalzadeh. So I hit up ebay again looking for his stuff and found a gazillion prints, most priced at around $2 a pop. I bought most of them but there are still a few floating around including a framed print of the lhasa apso painting. I am especially stoked to have purchased the cat portrait at the bottom of this post, so fab!

All images (except the crappy ebay photo of my painting) from the Sara Moon fansite

Oops I did it again: Lula & Pop get inspired

It's no secret that art directors and photographers routinely look to the past to inspire their work. I don't take issue with this practice but every so often people go a little overboard. These photos in the current issues of Lula and Pop made me do a major double take; I'd love to know what you all think about them.

Yelena Yemchuk for Lula
vs Irina Ionesco (1974)

Sebastian Faena for Pop vs Peppermint Frappé (1968)

People We Love: Tim Gunn, Mo Rocca, and those crazy cult ladies

My friend Lauren forwarded me this amazing clip of Mo Rocca and Tim Gunn discussing the tragic fashion sense of the women in the FLDS cult. It's the perfect cure for the mid-week blues (and a great distraction from your St. Patrick's day hangover). I just love the way that Tim Gunn says "socklet."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oops I Did it Again: Sweet Zebra Sweaters!!!

Left: Ashish F/W '09 (another one of my faves.) Right: An older picture I stumbled across on FFFFOUND!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

JCDC is my hero!

I have always loved Jean Charles de Castelbajac and have looked up to him as a designer, but today he has officially joined Andrew W.K and Minnie Mouse on my list of heroes. His latest collection seriously brightened up the (pretty much) underwhelming time that has been fashion month.

First of all:

LIFE. TO BE OR NOT TO BE. What else is there to think about?! Seriously.

Does it really matter what kitties, Michael Jackson, Animal, and Andy Warhol all have in common (aside from the fact that they are all totally sweet!?)!!?? My mind is completely blown!!

All images from elle.com

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fashion on FIlm: Effi Briest

I had a nasty cold over the weekend so I watched a lot of movies, one of the more memorable being Effi Briest. Religulous was also pretty enjoyable but not half as stylish (unless you derive fashion inspiration from Jesus freaks, or more puzzlingly, Jesus). Effi Briest was made in the seventies and based on the German novel of the same name. It's about this spoiled girl who marries this nobleman, pops out a kid, gets bored and lonely, meets another, hotter, nobleman, and some drama ensues. I can't say that I like Effi as a person (she's really bitchy to her servants) but she looks pretty fly. Cat Party hero Barbara Baum designed the costumes so it's no surprise that all of the clothes are gorgeous and none feel incidental. The ostrich trim jacket that she dreamed up for Effi's seaside picnic was a particularly good call; I doubt that the scene would have been half as poignant without those feathers catching the breeze. Gorge!