Saturday, July 30, 2011

Executive Realness

My friend Shannon and her partner just made these amazing Paris is Burning mugs, I can't wait to bring mine into the office! You can purchase one for yourself here and make sure to check out Shannon's brilliant blog while you're at it. She did a really killer post about Paris is Burning awhile back.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sandra Bernhard was my idol from age twelve onward. I first saw her in the Madonna documentary Truth or Dare and later in Issac Mizarahi's Unzipped. She was clearly the ideal BFF to have in 90's New York. I had never seen a woman who was so fearless and unbashedly eccentric, it was incredibly inspiring. It never occurred to me that you could be opinionated and political and also wear silver lamé miniskirts. 

I haven't seen her perform in years but I saw her new show I Just Love Being Me, Don't You? last month and all my tween fangirl emotions came rushing back. When she opened her show with a cover of "Across 110th Street" I was sold. When Liza Minnelli and Rufus Wainwright made surprise appearances I just about died. And at some point she ripped off a ball gown to reveal a black spangly bodysuit, it was pretty major. 

Photos from two 90's issues of Interview

Monday, July 25, 2011

Important Jumpsuits of the Nineties

1. Missy Elliott's "The Rain" video (1997)
What could be more punk rock than wearing a giant inflatable PVC jumpsuit that makes you look morbidly obese? This just might be the most subversive fashion statement of the era.

2. Tori Amos' "Crucify" video (1992)
First and foremost, the fact that this song is nearly twenty years old is really mind-blowing. Tori's teal velvet (or is it velour?) jumpsuit looks just as good today as it did in '92.

3. PJ Harvey at the Glastonbury festival(1995)
This jumpsuit is totally wearing her but in a good way. And the eyeshadow is a nice touch.

4. Madonna's "Human Nature" video (1995)
I'm assuming that Madonna discovered Mary Gaitskill in the early nineties and this is what happend. Has anyone else noticed that she looks like she's writhing around in a giant IKEA shelving unit?

5. The Spice Girls' "Say You'll Be There" video (1996)
Even though she's totally upstaged by Ginger Spice (as always) Posh Spice had a pretty compelling Emma Peel moment in the "Say You'll Be There." video. And it's always fun to see her without all that bronzer.

5. Sonic Youth's "My Friend Goo" video (1990)
Kim Gordon's Anita Pallenberg-in-art-school style was one of the more interesting looks of the era. Even her curious styling decisions in this video are oddly endearing.

I'll try to chill out with the 90's stuff now. I was all about it until I read the Jenny Holzer twitter the other day and it said "nostalgia is the first sign of decay." So now can't hear an Ace of Base song without thinking about my own mortality. Thanks Jenny.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Gorgeous photographs by sixteen-year-old Ann He. Yeah, SIXTEEN. The fact that such a young woman is creating these images simultaneously amazes and annoys me (but mostly just amazes me). I think I am especially drawn to these because they remind me of the shoot I assisted for Chelsea magazine back home in California. Teenage girls in the woods with white flowing dresses, flower crowns and candles is the best subject matter.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pucker Up

Oh man I want this Karl Lagerfeld lipstick cuff from 1989. The photo is from an old issue of Collezioni Donna. 

And she combs her hair over and over in the mirror

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My So-Called Lashes

"...may cause increased brown pigmentation in the colored part of the eye which is likely permanent. Eyelid skin darkening may occur which may be reversible." This isn't creepy at all.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby It's You

I can't remember the last time that I've loved a fashion editorial this much. If only they were a real girl group! 
From V Magazine. Photographs by Josh Olin, Styling by Jay Massacret.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dream House

Karen Inderbitzen-Walller and Delphine Avril Planqueel live in girly, kitschy chaos. I'm so jealous of them. via The Selby

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Help a bitch out

Dear readers,
I'm in a bit of a predicament at the moment. I need to borrow some back issues of Nova, Ray Gun, Cheap Date, Project X, and Twen ASAP, can anyone help me out? If you live in the New York Area I will come to your apartment, workplace, or the Starbucks of your choosing. If you live elsewhere and would be willing to mail me some magazines I will pay for the shipping and send you something fun in the mail. If you can hook me up please e-mail me at And any insight on good magazine stores or dealers would be greatly appreciated as well!

From Twen

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Little Joe is my favorite new-ish magazine. It's about queer cinema and it's the most hilarious thing that I've read in ages. You can buy a copy from their store, which also sells the amazing Raquel Welch poster that is currently adorning my fridge. I also want to give a shout out to Cat Party reader Jenny who sent me the french fries with googly eyes. The fries were accompanied by a killer zine shaped like a hamburger, thanks girl!

Stay Golden

Goldie Hawn looking adorbs in ruffles. From Dr. Macro via Child of the Moon
UPDATE Laura from Sighs and Whispers has informed me that this image is from There's a Girl in my Soup and the dress is by Ossie Clark. Thanks Laura!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Megan and I have been friends for ten years and we've had this blog for almost five years, which is totally insane. Time is going by so quickly, it seems like only yesterday we were cutting class and driving around town aimlessly listening to PJ Harvey records. Now we're adults with real jobs and Megan is getting marriedin a mere 17 days! As a bridesmaid, I am responsible for planning the bachelorette party, providing moral support, and not getting too drunk before I give my toast at the wedding reception. Below are some invites that I made for the bachelorette party, the inside reads "It's totally Megan's bachelorette party!", by the way. I had fun photoshopping her head onto Cher Horowitz's body. And you can't really see it in this photo, but I also added a subtle "R.I.P." on the spine of Tai's Trapper Keeper. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

You're Perfect

Jess from Rotter & Friends just sent me this insanely perfect Christine McVie t-shirt, I can't even deal with how much I love it! It's an homage to Christine's first solo album, which I posted about earlier today. Past Rotter & Friends shirts have paid tribute to Judee Sill, Karen Dalton, and Paul McCartney's RAM. It's like they instinctively know which record I've been listening to on repeat and then poof!— there's a shirt that encapsulates everything I love about that record. But this Christine tee is really on another level. You can purchase one here and you can even enter win one by following Cat_Party and Rotterandfrnds on Twitter and tweeting about why you love Christine with a #mcvieisperfect hashtag. If your tweet is our favorite, we will send you a shirt! The contest ends on July 10th. 

Christine Perfect

Christine McVie's pre-Fleetwood Mac solo record is so incredibly chill and the cover is one of my all-time favorites. Download it here